Advancing Women Leaders

Advancing Women Leaders


The client wanted to determine best ways to help advance local women in business in executive roles, knowing that doing so would help build better businesses.

There are few women in top senior executive roles. Companies are struggling to retain women executives. Women are under-represented on corporate boards. Many initiatives and programs designed to support women business leaders aren’t making the impact needed.

Among other factors that contribute to the challenge, women lack access to informal networks typically available to men. Some CEOs and executives acknowledge the issue, but admit they don’t know what to do about it. Others are unaware of the issue or have not made it a high priority.


Gayle provided consulting services, working collaboratively with the client, to identify and implement innovative approaches to help raise awareness about the issue and garner support—efforts that ultimately led to the establishment of a 501(c)(3) that provides executive education to business leaders.

After initially conducting over 40 interviews with a wide range of CEOs and senior executives in the city, Gayle delivered feedback and helped launch a city-wide project that, in the end, not only helps women, but also men in their leadership roles. The project has engaged key CEOs in the city, along with other executives, thought leaders and advocates–through public events, small group CEO dialogues and other special events. The new project has been well received and continues to grow.

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In addition, Gayle created “WorkMatters for Women” – a special online course for women who want to advance their leadership and career.