Assessment Tools

“This service has been a tremendous help in our hiring process as it helps us select the right person for the right job.”–Andrew S. Martin CLU, ChFC, President, First Protective Insurance Group, Inc.

Assessments for Selection and Development Purposes

Managing For Success: Measures natural and adapted behavior.  It takes ten minutes to complete online. A report measures “how” a person responds to their work environment. This assessment also includes suggestions on “areas for improvement”, an important tool for managers and direct reports.

Personal Interests, Attitudes And Values: Measures “why” a professional is motivated to act a particular way. It takes ten minutes to complete online. This assessment also includes results related to “economic drive”, a powerful tool for forecasting sales or career success.

Personal Talent Skills Inventory: Measures the skill sets individuals bring to an organization.  The assessment includes a ranking of strengths and areas for development.

Online Learning Resources

The above assessments may be supplemented with online learning resources, as well as audio CDs and workbooks, to reinforce learning and development related to specific skill areas.

Other Assessments

360 Degree Feedback Assessment: Provides leaders and executives insight about their performance through the perspectives of other colleagues and clients or customers. The process is customized based on the needs of the organization.

Additional assessments are available.  Variations of some of the above assessments may be customized depending on your needs and goals.

If you would like to learn more about powerful assessment tools, please contact us.

“I can’t tell you how much these assessment tools have helped our organization.  We have restructured positions and made needed changes to create the best fit for individuals in different roles. As a leader, I have learned important information about how to deal effectively with a variety of individuals. These are tremendous tools!”–Terry Young, CEO, Weaver Insurance Group