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Cultivating Quiet Courage: A Leadership Game Changer

What will it take to move your business in a new direction? More courage and less chatter–in your head. According to Gallup, being courageous was an important factor relating to workers’ overall evaluation of the performance of their company’s president, leader or CEO. When you think about courage, you might think of images like a lion or […]

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Calming Anxiety: Leadership Advice for Times of Disruption

The destruction of the hurricanes has been unimaginable. It’s hard to know exactly what to say or do to help people cope. Sensitivities are high. It’s likely that you, your loved ones, employees or clients have been impacted directly or indirectly by recent events. So your leadership is being tested now more than ever. On […]

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How to Spot Whales of New Opportunities: Insights from Alaska

This summer I did some whale watching in Alaska. Whales are fascinating creatures. It was fun to be part of a crowd hoping to catch a glimpse of a whale jumping out of the water. The whale watching guide on the boat explained that you can tell if a whale is nearby when you see […]

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Running Your Business 24/7: Upgrade your business. Take the summer break you need without the guilt.

A few years ago, I hired a talented interior designer to help me update some rooms in my home. I was in a new phase of my life and needed my home to better reflect my own needs and desires. It was amazing to watch her walk into a room and see immediately what items […]

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