Catapult Your Career

Ready for a change? In just an hour a week, I’ll show you how to propel your career to new heights so you feel more fulfilled and energized doing the work you really want to do.

You’ve accomplished much to be proud of. But there’s a nagging doubt that makes you question if you’re on the right path.

It may start as a fleeting thought. You may dismiss it thinking you’ve had a bad day, but then a pattern appears.

You dread going to work.

You daydream about doing something new or different.

You even catch yourself scanning the Internet for better opportunities.

You know you’re ready for something bigger, better or different.

And it’s become an obsession.

Something’s got to change, but you don’t know exactly what it is, where to start, or the process to follow.

You can break the cycle. It all starts with a simple decision to do so.

If you don’t make a change today, where will you be a year from now?

Does this statement sound familiar?

I’ve been doing this work long enough. I’ve proven myself. I wish I could do something else, but I’m not sure what steps I would take or what I would do.”

Many people like you have made the changes they need to make to move in a new, rewarding direction within or outside their business, and they are seeing dramatic results.

First, Let’s Take a Look at Why You Struggle to Break Free

Working with leaders and executives over the years, I see their fears.

“What if I jeopardize everything I’ve built over the years?

“I can’t possibly have the same lifestyle if I pursue what I really want.”

Other people you know seem to be content with where they are and what they’re doing. But there’s a restlessness that’s stirring inside you.

It feels like there’s a hidden talent that needs to be exercised – maybe an entrepreneurial spirit emerging or even a higher purpose that’s calling you.

You wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”

There’s nothing wrong.

You simply don’t want to settle for status quo.

If you’re like others with whom I’ve worked, you may feel “work” has completely consumed you. It’s a gradual process. You don’t realize how tight the grip is until you start thinking about other alternatives.

You’re used to taking charge at work, but you’re not taking charge of yourself.

Some executives admit:

  • “I don’t like who I’ve become.”
  • “I’m not sure who I really am anymore.”
  • “I don’t know what to do.”

We’re talking about bright, high performing leaders. They exude success.

But they get to a point where something stops them in their tracks that makes them question their current path. And they just stop.

Now let’s turn the tables.

What’s stopping YOU?

It could be a tragedy – like an illness, death or divorce. It could be an unexpected opportunity that appears out of the blue. Or it could be middle age or some other milestone in life.

But the real question is…

How Do You Know If You Are FINALLY Ready To Discover Your True Calling?

Maybe you see clues that something is wrong: Perhaps you don’t feel like yourself. You have to drag yourself to the office. You’re losing focus.

You long for more meaning in your life or work while trying to accept that, “work is work.”

It doesn’t have to be.

Why Other Methods Haven’t Worked For You.

  • You may have worked with a psychologist or career counselor, but they lack the real world business experience or perspective to advise you on relevant issues.
  • You may have read some self-help books, but you haven’t taken action. Some are still sitting on your shelf, unread.
  • You may have talked to friends or family members, but they can’t really relate to your unique situation. And in some cases they actually discourage you from making the change you really want. After all, “Anyone would be happy to be in your shoes.”

Perhaps you have a creative spark that needs to be ignited or a new business idea that needs to be launched, but how – especially when you’re concerned about making a change that could disrupt everything you’ve built.

You don’t have to turn your world upside-down.

There is a better path. But finding the time or courage to figure it out seems daunting.

That’s why I created the Catapult Your Career Self-Coaching Program.

It’s designed specifically for leaders like you who know there is a more rewarding, more exciting life just waiting to be seized. You may not know exactly what the possibilities are, but you want to look for them.

Through the program you can find the clarity, direction and confidence you need to redirect your path – without turning your life upside-down.

As an experienced executive coach, the self-coaching program reflects a unique combination of expertise based on my work with clients like you, insights from other experts as well as my own personal experience transitioning into work that is aligned with my natural strengths, talents, interests and purpose.

“Today I work almost exclusively with senior executives, however, I wanted to created this resource to help anyone thinking through what they want to do next.”

WARNING: This program is not designed for job hunters with an urgent need to find a job.

It’s not for those who are looking for a list of executive recruiters in hopes they’ll be discovered and replanted where the grass is greener. (I’ve been there myself.)

Instead it’s for those leaders like you who want to take charge of their own career growth – who want to do something only they were meant to do. They don’t want to leave their future to chance.

Through the self-coaching program, I can help you navigate or create a new path that gives you more of what you really want based on who you really are and the unique impact you want to make.

Do the work now to position yourself for new growth and opportunities that align with your gifts and highest aspirations.

You can take small steps now to make a bigger leap when you’re ready.

The Catapult Your Career Self-Coaching Program includes these modules:

  • MODULE 1 — Picture Your New Future: How to create a compelling personal vision that pulls you forward – so you don’t feel pressure to “escape” something negative.  You’ll learn specific approaches you can use to take that first smart step.
  • MODULE 2 — Position Yourself for New Opportunities: How to see yourself more clearly to position yourself for new opportunities more effectively. Leverage your natural strengths – so your work is better aligned with your true talents, interests and aspirations.  You’ll learn how to generate and/or expand possibilities in your career while clarifying your top personal priorities so you can make tough decisions more easily. The module focuses on the internal work you need to do before taking other actions.
  • MODULE 3 — Choose Your Best New Path: How to map out your plan and take action that gets best results – so you’re moving toward your goal more quickly and strategically.  You’ll learn what to specifically say and do to make the progress you want. This module focuses on actions you can take to make the process more manageable for you.
  • MODULE 4 — Power Your Progress: How to power your progress and bolster your courage – to avoid mindset mistakes that derail you or impede your progress.  You’ll learn how to keep your motivation level high and overcome specific challenges that can hold you back. Breakthrough the mental madness that creates doubts or insecurities. Move forward with clarity and confidence.

Some of these modules were included in the Catapult Your Career Virtual Bootcamp – a live comprehensive 6-week online program.

Here’s how it works…

  • Online access: You’ll access learning modules online at your leisure so you can progress at your own pace. Some modules include visuals. Some are audio only that you can listen to immediately or download as an mp3.  Most audios run no more than 30 minutes.
  • Tools/ Resources: Prioritizing Grid, Goals Grid, Sample Mindmap
  • Key questions are included to provoke your best thinking.
  • Bonus interviews are included with guest experts and other authors who cover relevant topics such as:
    • Sharpening presentation skills
    • Leveraging social media
    • Expanding possibilities
    • Managing your mindset
    • Ways to avoid common executive career traps

You’ll gain more clarity and momentum as you go along. In fact, you’ll even want to pause from time to time to mark your progress, take note of milestones along the way.

Just don’t rest too long!

My Story

When I was contemplating new ways to move forward in my corporate career, I didn’t have a lot of help. I had to learn on my own and make lots of mistakes.

I was not strategic when I started my career. My first job was working at a mental hospital (which has prepared me for just about anything). I wanted business experience so I took a job with an insurance company. Became one of the youngest officers with a $450 billion company. After my second child was born, I left a fast track career to start my own business from scratch. I have since attracted well known global companies and small businesses. I run executive peer groups and work with some of the most driven and talented executives I know.

I have keynoted for organizations like Microsoft and NASA. (In 5th grade I almost passed out trying to read one paragraph out loud in front of the class!)

I have done significant “personal growth” work for myself…Trained under Richard Bolles (author of What Color is Your Parachute?) in life/work planning. Have participated in numerous coaching programs, learning retreats, “mentor programs.” Followed gurus, thought leaders, speakers, experts in a variety of fields, etc. Taken all kinds of assessments. And my own personal and professional growth continues.

I wrote a book – Take the Bull by the Horns – encouraging leaders to take charge and just do what they need to do to move themselves and their businesses forward. Do work that matters.

I’m hopeful that my experience and insights will help many people take charge of their own growth, lead well and make a significant difference.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Self-Coaching Program:

  • 4 Modules that will help you begin the thought process and take actions to gain the traction you need.
  • Course Worksheets to capture your thoughts and reinforce key ideas.
  • Bonus Audios with experts who share their guidance on the following topics:
  • Sharpening presentation skills
  • Leveraging social media
  • Expanding possibilities
  • Managing your mindset
  • Ways to avoid common executive career traps

This bundle also includes these Special Tools/Resources:

  • Priority Grid
  • Goals Grid
  • Sample Mindmap
  • Job Proposal Guide


What others are saying about Gayle:

“Work really does matter…When you are ready to move forward in your career — if you are seeking a radical change or if you simply want to explore the dynamics necessary to lead your team to new heights, Gayle provides objective feedback and quickly gets to the heart of the matter. I highly recommend her programs to catapult your career to the next level!”–Sherry VanPelt, Glenwood Executive

“Gayle is a great energizer, and asks all the right questions. Engaging with her work is a great way of making the best of your working life.”–John Lees, Author

How to Get a Job You’ll Love (McGraw – Hill)–United Kingdom

Commit to taking the first step to put you on a new or different path. New opportunities – sometimes those you least expect – will begin to emerge.

It all starts now.


I’m excited about what’s possible for you!

If you are not satisfied with the Catapult Your Career Self-Coaching Program for any reason, simply contact us within 30 days for a full refund.