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Smart Succession Planning: Getting Ready for Your Next Move

What if you lost one of your key employees unexpectedly? Happens all the time. “We really need to get better at succession planning.” A common desire expressed by many executives. But the reality is that it takes time and brainpower. Succession planning often gets put on the backburner. Sometimes it’s easier to see how far […]

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In a Summer Slump?

Summer is here–a time to relax and recharge. But if you’re like many people, you might be experiencing a “summer slump.” It happens to the best. Signs are: You’re not being as productive as you need to be. You’re not as energized about your work or the business. You’re feeling stagnant or lethargic. You’re procrastinating […]

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Having trouble with time management?

What are your top three specific priorities for the month? If I asked you that question, would you be able to name them quickly? If not, you’re like many executives I know. Intuitively you may know what’s most important, but instead you’re reacting to problems or requests as they arise. You may find yourself thinking, […]

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What to do when you hit a roadblock

On the path to improvement, there’s one thing for certain–you’re going to hit a roadblock. It’s inevitable. Could be a number of reasons: Perhaps you fall back into patterns that give you problems in the first place. Human beings are creatures of habit. (“I’m doing what I know how to do on autopilot.”) Maybe you […]

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The Elephant in the Room

It’s there. Sometimes sitting quietly while you maneuver around it in conversation. You’re hoping it might just go away. Other times, it’s so big and blatant that it becomes your sole focus. It’s the elephant in the room, of course. And it’s one of the greatest threats to your business. In my consulting work over […]

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Would you like a copy of my free Special Report on generational differences at work?

Many companies experience challenges when trying to understand generational differences in the workplace. I work with many “baby boomer” executives who are curious about how to leverage the talent of Millennials and younger generations, so I put together a Special Report called “When Generations Collide” to help leaders gain better insight on the topic. It’s […]

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Ditch desperation in your business

I was driving home in my neighborhood the other day when three little girls ran out in front of my car. They appeared to be in distress and motioned for me to stop the car. I stopped and rolled down my window to ask what was wrong. One of the girls said, “Please, ma’am, we’re […]

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Are you speeding up? (Radio interview included)

As you near the end of the year, you likely feel the need to speed up. I admit that I ‘crack the whip’ a bit more this time of year with clients (and with myself) to make sure the essential tasks are completed. I want to finish strong. I want clients to feel a sense […]

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