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Calming Anxiety: Leadership Advice for Times of Disruption

The destruction of the hurricanes has been unimaginable. It’s hard to know exactly what to say or do to help people cope. Sensitivities are high. It’s likely that you, your loved ones, employees or clients have been impacted directly or indirectly by recent events. So your leadership is being tested now more than ever. On […]

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Are You on the Right Path?

My teenage son just returned from a long hiking trip. He was on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina–his first “real” hiking trip with backpack, tent, food, first aid kit, etc. (He learned that raw eggs don’t travel well even if you have a burner to cook them.) As a mother, I was concerned he […]

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Team Meetings Made Simple

In my role as executive coach, I often see clients holding too many meetings. The problem isn’t too many meetings  necessarily – it’s too many unproductive meetings. They argue that some meetings are beyond their control. They don’t initiate the meetings, but they must attend — so they think. Whenever a customer, business or team […]

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Is Your Routine Hurting You?

I spoke to a client recently who complained that his life seemed like the movie, “Groundhog Day.” He felt like he was doing the same thing every day — stuck in a routine that he wasn’t enjoying anymore. In one sense routine can be a good thing if you like predictability. It can help you […]

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New Year’s Offer from WorkMatters — Free Weekly Audio Series for Leaders

Take the  Bull by the Horns New year, new thinking. Please join me for three “smart” minutes a week throughout 2010. How? Take the Bull by the Horns: The Busy Leader’s Action Guide to Growing Your Business…and Yourself — my no-nonsense leadership book — is now available in a special weekly audio edition. Week by […]

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Questions for Managers to Ask Themselves

I've always argued that good leadership is not about having all the answers. It's about asking good questions. In this recent interview on Federal News Radio, in Washington DC, I discuss good questions managers can ask themselves to achieve their goals. While our focus was on government executives, the questions can apply to executives in other […]

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Getting “Real” Work Done During the Holidays

by Gayle Lantz “I need to take some time off during the holidays, but I’ll probably be in the office to get some real work done while things are quiet.” I hear this often from clients during this time of year. If doing real work now, what kind of work have they been doing the […]

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Managing People: Not Child’s Play

by Gayle Lantz Are you managing a team or a sandbox? If you’re like some managers, you often feel like you’re dealing with kids.  Sometimes juvenile behavior among team members persists for too long.  Instead of a phase, it becomes the norm. Don’t settle for being the senior babysitter.  Lead. Here are some common childish […]

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Tired of Firefighting?

by Gayle Lantz Firefighting is a natural part of business. Just don’t let the smoke get to you.  A group of company executives met to discuss business strategy, a rare occurrence since they had been in reactive mode all year. With all the changes in their market, they were accustomed to responding to the crisis […]

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