Gayle offers private coaching services to individuals all over the world who are highly motivated and mission driven. They are working on a bigger goal or vision for something very important that they know will take time and Gayle has coaching support to achieve.

Typically, these people are in or are planning some kind of transition or transformation in their work, life or business. They are looking for a path that will lead to greater personal fulfillment and/or financial rewards that are most meaningful to them. They often have a creative spark or other special skills they have not been able to fully utilize. They are driven to make a bigger impact. The risk of not acting on their vision is greater than making the commitment to achieve it.

Typical engagements last at least 6 months to a year, and the people who work with Gayle are senior level executives, small business owners and individuals invested in their future growth.

If you think you are a possible fit, you should contact Gayle to discuss her availability and private coaching service offerings.

Group Coaching

Gayle also offers group coaching, executive roundtables, mastermind programs and in person retreats. She has been leading groups of successful business owners and executives in mastermind and round table initiatives since the year 2000. Gayle is an experienced facilitator who quickly builds trust in a confidential environment where people are able to do their best work on personal and professional growth.

Wondering if group work is for you?

You could be a good fit if:

  • You feel isolated in your role.
  • You find it hard to get candid feedback from people you can trust.
  • You wonder if you are the only highly motivated person in the business.
  • You talk about actions you want to take, but don't follow through.
  • You second-guess yourself.
  • You are in your leadership role, but haven't had the best leadership training.
  • It seems easier to help others solve their problems than solve your own.
  • You might be right fit if you'd like to be in a group of leaders who are serious about their business, but who don't take themselves too seriously.

To learn more about virtual or in person group opportunities, contact Gayle.