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Gayle speaks to leadership and management audiences who want to inspire change and achieve outstanding results for those they serve.

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Perseverance and Passion in Leadership

Being a great leader takes energy, passion and perseverance. You must hold the vision of what you want even when others don’t see it or support it. Gayle Lantz shares a story to illustrate how to get what you want. How to turn “no” into “yes.” It takes extra effort, tenacity, and a dose of humor. Stay focused on what you want so you can lead with conviction, influence effectively and achieve what you want for yourself and your business.

Building Relationships, Taking Risks and Gaining Reward

Leadership requires taking risks, developing courage, and building relationships. The people in your life and the experiences you encounter shape what’s possible for you. Connections that seem least likely to create value can be the most rewarding. You’ll experience unexpected payoffs.

Strategic Planning Insights, Leading Change

Strategic planning is a time to dig deep and assess what’s really going on in the business. In the process, leaders should take a stand on the issues they care most about. Gayle Lantz, strategic planning expert, talks about the importance of being a catalyst for change to move the business forward in different, better and bolder ways.

Watch Gayle talk about goal setting and the new leadership journal!

Gayle Lantz, founder of WorkMatters, Inc., talks about how to set professional goals and achieve what you really want. Writing down goals is a good start. She developed the Leadership Journal featuring motivational leadership quotes and coaching questions to help you think and work smarter to achieve your goals.

Understanding Your Leadership Role – Developing Your Identity

As you grow you take on new and different identities in your life and work. Who you are – or who you think you are – determines how well you can take on new roles and navigate turning points. Gayle Lantz talks about the importance of letting go of past identities so you can step up in your leadership or professional role. Is it time to shed your skin?