Four partners (two women and two men) in a professional services firm had gotten to the point where tensions were so high they were barely speaking to each other. Having worked together for many years, they knew each other well, yet could not resolve some conflicts that were now too big to ignore. Their business was as a turning point and no one could agree on the best new direction or path to take.

One partner admitted he had been extremely frustrated for years, but did not want to make waves. Another partner confessed she was on the verge of leaving. Another complained that one of the partners wasn’t pulling his weight. Resentment was strong. The stress was taking a toll on each of them mentally and some, even physically. Sensitivities were high. Some were losing sleep. The negative impact on the firm was evident to employees.


Gayle met with the partners individually and as a group to assess the situation and make recommendations. Knowing that change would not happen overnight, Gayle continued working with the partners for a year to help them build (or rebuild) better business relationships as partners. They developed new behaviors and ways of communicating that helped them keep their leadership team intact and focused on top priorities.

Now their vision is clear. They have a renewed commitment to the firm and are moving forward more effectively as true partners. See what Gayle offers for Executive Coaching.