A successful experienced executive had been working for a large organization and achieving impressive results, but the corporate environment had taken a toll on her. She was tired of the bureaucracy and politics, the gossip, the endless stream of worthless meetings that zapped her time and energy. For years, she had tolerated incompetent leadership. She left work feeling drained every day and had no work-life balance.

A top performer, she was beginning to doubt herself. “What’s wrong with me?” Knowing something was missing, she turned to Gayle to help her determine how best to move forward and achieve what she really wanted.


Through coaching with Gayle, she was able to establish clarity around new possibilities for herself. Instead of focusing on the draining areas of her life and work, she began shifting attention to energizing sources. Although other clients in very similar situations had improved their situation and found greater success by staying with their own organizations, she took a different path–one that aligned better with her talents, interests and aspirations. She eventually left the corporation to start her own business. A courageous move.

Working with Gayle, she gained needed insight that enabled her to tap her creativity and strengths—and make a confident decision about moving in a new and more fulfilling direction. She’s now doing work that matters to her while running a successful small business. See what Gayle offers for Small Businesses.