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Time to Detox Your Team?

How’s the weather where you are? Not the kind of weather that you experience when you walk outdoors, but the weather when you walk in your office. Earlier this year I had a conversation with an employee in a business that was really struggling. He said, “When I enter the office in the morning, I […]

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Eager to get to work?

Studies show that approximately two-thirds of U.S. employees are not fully engaged at work. And 26% are actively disengaged. But you don’t need studies to prove that. Think about the people you know in your own network. How many express frustration, apathy or burnout compared to those who seem to thrive in their work? Maybe […]

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The Leadership Skill That Makes Work Easier

It’s a leadership skill that few people talk about: group facilitation. Facilitation means “to make easy” or “to lessen the difficulty. “It’s not a quick fix, but developing your facilitation skills over time will help you accomplish your collective goals more easily. When executives say they want to work on leadership skills, you’ll often hear […]

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Leadership Problems Revealed

My husband's nerves were being tested — stuck in a check-out line at a local Office Depot.  Only two people were working at the front counter. When one clerk finally became available, she turned away from her post and walked away. Stunned, my husband motioned to her and said, "Ma'am, you have customers waiting." She looked at […]

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Not Loving Your Job?

It's Valentine's Day. While love may be in the air for couples, it's often missing when it comes to your job.   Many people dutifully go to work while leaving their hearts at home. The reasons are varied. Here are some common concerns I hear: "I feel undervalued." "The compensation structure doesn't reward my work." […]

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Things are Looking Up

Things are looking up, but some employees may be looking out — outside of your organization — and they're likely to be your stars.  According to recent research by the Corporate Leadership Council: · One in four intend to leave their employer within the year.· One in five believes their personal aspirations differ from their employer's […]

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