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The Elephant in the Room

It’s there. Sometimes sitting quietly while you maneuver around it in conversation. You’re hoping it might just go away. Other times, it’s so big and blatant that it becomes your sole focus. It’s the elephant in the room, of course. And it’s one of the greatest threats to your business. In my consulting work over […]

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Eager to get to work?

Studies show that approximately two-thirds of U.S. employees are not fully engaged at work. And 26% are actively disengaged. But you don’t need studies to prove that. Think about the people you know in your own network. How many express frustration, apathy or burnout compared to those who seem to thrive in their work? Maybe […]

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The Leadership Skill That Makes Work Easier

It’s a leadership skill that few people talk about: group facilitation. Facilitation means “to make easy” or “to lessen the difficulty. “It’s not a quick fix, but developing your facilitation skills over time will help you accomplish your collective goals more easily. When executives say they want to work on leadership skills, you’ll often hear […]

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Will You Meet Your Goals This Year?

As you head toward the end of the year, you’re likely thinking about what you most want to  accomplish over the next couple of months — trying to squeeze in that last bit of business activity before the holidays arrive. You might feel like you’re pushing toward the end of a marathon  — running out […]

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Creating Change the Best Way

I have a few clients who admit they don’t like change. (Gasp!) To them, change represents “disruption.” Yet, they want to grow their business or their career. They want to achieve even better results. Any time you commit to something bigger or better, it will require change of some kind. If you have trouble dealing […]

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